A Chained Mind

For days,
I confused movement with progress
“Yeah, yeah. Cause you can run around in circles forever and still not get anywhere”
My mind was a chained box, locked into it’s ways;
The key was buried deep inside my soul

I knew if I dug deep enough,
I could get that key
In order to do that, I would have to venture –
Through the darkest, coldest parts of my mind

I sifted through my memories,
I analyzed mistakes,
I pulled myself together, when I felt like I could break.
I couldn’t find a peaceful place to put my head and lay-
I contemplated quitting, but here I am today.

Some souls are lost and never found,
I’m happy it’s not me
Because I wanted your approval,
I wanted society to agree

I wanted everyone to like me, I wanted them to show it
I was worthy of love, and I wanted them to know it
But I wanted your approval and I did not accept my own
I wanted to be king, but I couldn’t find the throne

I wanted revolution and I wanted all your help
But a wise man told me, “revolution starts somewhere deep inside yourself”

I dug and found that key

I unlocked my mind, and the chains that were around it
I let go of my past, and left it right there where I found it

It was so important, that I carried out this mission,
So I wouldn’t pass down toxic traits we like to call “tradition”
Everyday has purpose when you hold onto a vision-

The pain I thought would kill me,
Is the reason why I’m living

Choose Wisely


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