Racism is Alive

This is a message for anybody who judges another human being solely because the color of their skin. I’m here to tell you many different things, but ultimately, one word describes you.

You’re a coward.

As a white male that has grown up in a predominantly white area, I have met many racist people. Let’s get something straight first – You weren’t born racist. You were taught racism.

You have these morals and values embedded into your brain. You look around into a crowd, and immediately categorize everybody. “He’s white. He’s black. He’s brown.”

“He” is a human. Just like you. But you have been taught to dehumanize people by placing labels on them. You have made your conclusion about somebody’s character long before you even spoke with them. As soon as you saw their skin color, you already formulated your opinion about this person. Maybe your parents taught you this, or maybe you experienced racism yourself and it made you racist. I’m here to tell you that evil grows in all shapes, sizes, and colors. In the past when I was young and I heard the racism around me, I did not believe in it, but I didn’t dispute it either. I avoided hostility because I didn’t want to be the odd person out. Well that has changed, and if you preach racism in front of me – I am going to call you out on it. You’re not going to like it. You might hit me. As much as I’m trying to promote positivity, I would love if you did hit me. I would love an excuse to show you how passionate I am about equality.

Although racist people come in every color, I will explain this from my perspective, which as I told you, is a white man that has grown up in a predominantly white area.

You hate African Americans. You hate Hispanic people. You hate their culture, you hate their slang, you hate everything about them – and if you ask most racist people why they hate people that have a different skin color, usually they don’t even have an answer. If they do, it’s probably some bullshit.

The people around me have blamed all of their circumstances on everybody but themselves. You don’t hold yourself accountable. “America is failing because Hispanics are taking all of the jobs for low rates!”


You are failing because you won’t hold yourself accountable. In fact, it’s usually the white man that employs these people so they can work them dry – for half the price and fuck them over. All of your life’s failures are somebody else’s fault. You are the failure.

You hate the immigrants that come to our country looking for the same opportunities that we have. Well let me tell you something. If it were you, you would do the same thing to provide for your family. If somebody told me “You could live a good life and support your family if you can get across that border”, I would do whatever it takes to get there. No wall, no law, nothing would stop me from the dream of creating a better opportunity for my family. You hate these people for wanting something better. You hate these people for wanting what you have, because you’re so entitled. I understand we can’t let the world pour in to live the “American Dream.” But I also understand that these people are suffering, and they know there’s a better life on the other side of that border. If it was me, the only thing that could stop me is a piece of lead shot out of an American made M16.

“America, the Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave, the indigenous Holocaust, and the home of the slaves.”

I love my country. I just hate the people that run it.

So what are we doing? We’re locking these people up in camps. I’ve done a massive amount of research lately and the things I found hurt me. Children taking care of children, sleeping in the same place where they shit and piss. So this is meant to deter people from coming, right? The ends justify the means? If you believe so, you are apart of the problem. It’s one thing to deport people, and it’s another to lock them up in terrible conditions. One day the people who have engineered this idea will be held accountable. One day we will all have to stand in front of God. You might not care now, and you might not care than. But you will care when you meet somebody like me in person, away from the safe haven behind your keyboard. That is a promise.

Most of you racist people are only racist in the comfort of your own home. Why? Because you’re scared. You’re a coward. You won’t preach your beliefs in a place where you are fair game, you will only preach them in a place where you are safe. You won’t ever have my respect. If you believe people are subhuman because of the color of their skin, preach this on a podium where somebody can take a shot back.

I’m not promoting violence, I’m simply telling you that one day there will be consequences for your actions. If you think your safe preaching your hatred in the comfort of your own home, you’re wrong. It may not be today, tomorrow, or the next day. It may not be for years. But one day you will pay the price.

To all of the loving people out there that judge one another by their character, I hope you never let these ignorant people taint your soul and your beliefs. Forgive them. These morals are embedded in their brain and they don’t know any better. Don’t stoop to their level. If you’re a white person that experiences racism, don’t let it make you racist. The same goes for anyone, no matter what color you are. Don’t let a few bad people convince you that everybody is the same. There are more good people in this world than bad people.

So while everyone fights, argues, and points fingers – We move further from the real goal. A world where we all come together as one. Imagine how far we could have gotten if we utilized our time and energy into progression instead of new ways to systematically destroy each other. I understand the world will never be the way I wish it was. But that will never stop me from believing that we could all change. They say “A wise man knows the world can be changed, and a fool tries to change it.”

I’m alright with being a fool.

Choose Wisely


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