The world will never be what most of us want it to be.

We will always be divided,

Because if it’s not religion,

It’s hate crimes.

If it’s not hate crimes,

It’s war.

If it’s not war,

It’s racism.

If it’s not racism,

It’s sexism.

If it’s not sexism,

It’s human rights.

If it’s not human rights,

It’s immigration.

If it’s not immigration,

It’s the economy.

If it’s not the economy,

It’s politics.

If it’s not politics,

It’s the Democrats.

If it’s not the Democrats,

It’s the Republicans.

If it’s not the Republicans,

It’s Liberalism.

If it’s not Liberalism,

It’s Capitalism.

If it’s not Capitalism,

It’s Socialism.

If it’s not Socialism,

It’s Democracy.

If it’s not Democracy,

It’s Dictatorship.

I could go on and on for days and days, but it will never change anything.

I’ve accepted the world for what it is, instead of for what I want it to be.

We’re quick to point fingers at each other, and then still preach “United we stand, divided we fall.”

The real revolution starts inside your own heart.

One day you’ll have to decide,

Who you’re going to be.

Choose Wisely


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