The Reason Donald Trump is Irrelevant

Donald Trump. The man has divided America further than we have already divided ourselves. This presidency has to be the most controversial one out of any that I witnessed in my short 26 years of life thus far. Why? Because everybody has pushed themselves so far to each side of the spectrum. You either absolutely love him, or you fucking hate him. For me personally, I can’t really say I’m on either side of the spectrum.

Before I even dive into my opinion about Donald Trump, there is a lot you should know. Donald Trump only has so much power, like every other president of the United States that came before him. This is going to be a long, educational post. Everything I’m going to tell you is a fact. You can research it for yourself and formulate your own opinion. If you don’t like to read, I advise you to close this now. In order to understand our present, you must first understand our past.

With that being said, let’s start at the beginning.

1944 – The Bretton Woods Agreement
This agreement established the dollar as the world reserve currency. What does this mean? This means all international commodities were to be priced in dollars. This agreement gave America a clear financial advantage. There was an understanding that our dollars would remain redeemable for gold at a rate of 35 dollars per ounce. The Federal Reserve refused to allow any supervision or audits of it’s money printing, so the world could only trust that the Federal Reserve would follow the rules under the honor system.

When we went to war with Vietnam, it became clear that America was printing far more money than it had in gold. In response, countries started to ask for their gold back. This set off a massive decline in the value of the dollar. In 1971, the situation reached a boiling point when France attempted to withdraw their gold. President Nixon declined, and gave a speech where he said “I have directed the Secretary of the Treasury to take the action necessary to defend the dollar against the speculators.”

Imagine you invested your money in somebody that promised you something, and you came to find out that all of a sudden they were buying really nice things like fancy cars. So you go back to this person and say “Hey, I want my money back.” That person declines to give you your money back, and basically tells you “I’m willing to kill you over this money if need be.” This is America. Not a democracy. We are a business. We have made a living stealing money and resources to live the luxurious lifestyle we do.

1973– President Nixon asked King Faisal of Saudi Arabia to accept only US dollars as a payment for oil. Not only that, but to invest any excess money into US treasury bonds, notes, and bills. In return, we offered US military assistance to guard Saudi oil fields. This same offer was extended to each of the world’s key oil producing countries.

1975– Every member of OPEK had now agreed to sell their oil exclusively in dollars.

What does this mean?

America successfully moved the dollar off of gold – and instead tied it to foreign oil. This forced every oil importing country in the world to start maintaining a constant supply of Federal Reserve paper. But to get that paper, they would have to send real physical goods to America. So what happened? Paper went out, everything the United States needed came in, and in return – got very, very wealthy. We conned the world out of their money, and to this day, it’s the biggest financial con in recorded history.

Now that America became very rich, this now meant that we had the power to outspend every other country COMBINED in military expenditures. The Soviet Union never stood a chance during the Cold War, and they collapsed in 1991. This removed the last counter balance to the American military, and we were now the undisputed super power.

Within that same year, the US invaded Iraq. After destroying their military and infrastructure, such as hospitals and water purification plants – We placed sanctions on Iraq which crippled them so they could not rebuild that infrastructure. These sanctions lasted over a decade, and are estimated to have killed over 500,000 children. The Clinton administration was fully aware of this, and you can research the interview with Madeline Albreight, the Secretary of State for Clinton.

Interviewer: “We have heard that half a million children have died. That’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?”

Madeline Albreight: “I think this is a very hard choice. But the price, we think the price is worth it.”

I’d like to know what we found was worth 500,000 innocent children’s lives. HALF A MILLION.

November 2000 – Iraq decided to begin selling their oil exclusively in Euros. This was a direct attack on the dollar and U.S financial dominance. This would not be tolerated. In return, the US government with help from the mainstream media built up a massive propaganda campaign to convince us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and they were planning to use them. (Mind you, we gave Iraq chemical weapons to go to war with Iran.) Anyways, we all know that it turned out they did not have any weapons of massive destruction.

2003– The US invaded Iraq. Once we took control of the country, oil sales were immediately switched back to dollars. Why is this so important? Because switching back to the dollar from the euro meant a 15-20% loss in revenue, due to the euro’s higher value.

In Libya, Gadaffi was in the process of setting up an African currency known as the Dynar, a gold based currency ment to replace the dollar.

2011: US and NATO forces toppled and destabilized the Libyan government. After taking control of the country, we executed Gaddafi and immediately set up the Libyan central bank.

Iran has actively been trying to pull oil sales off of the dollar for some time now. This has been going on for a very long time. In return, the US government is once again building up a massive propaganda campaign to gain international support to airstrike Iran, on the pretext of preventing Iran from building a nuclear weapon.

Syria is Iran’s closet ally, and we are currently in the process of helping the same “terrorists” we are “fighting” to destabilize that country as well.

Are you seeing a pattern yet?

The US government is actively working to create the context which gives them the diplomatic cover to do what they have already planned, long before Donald Trump came into office.

Now, connect the dots. What would happen if multiple countries started selling their oil in euros instead of dollars? It would set off a chain reaction, resulting in the collapse of the dollar. The only thing holding up the value of our dollar at this point is the brute force of the American military.

With this all being said, Donald Trump is just the newest face to blame. Just like the presidents that came before him, they did not call these shots – These decisions were made a very long time ago. Donald Trump is the perfect president for the bankers of the Federal Reserve. You’re so concerned about the bullshit he is tweeting and the focus on immigration crisis, that you have been distracted. I’m not saying the immigration crisis isn’t real, it is. It’s a problem we’ve created by destabilizing numerous countries for our financial benefit. In return, these people are fleeing their country in hopes to make a better life. I don’t have all of the solutions or answers, I’m just attempting to paint the large picture. Although very real, this immigration crisis is a distraction from what’s really going on, and why we have an immigration crisis in the first place.

I neither like nor dislike President Trump. In my own opinion and research, I have found that we don’t really get to choose our president. We vote, but the choice is always Pepsi or Coke. Lobbying is legal bribery. Why? You are paying for people to listen to you. Only the candidates that can afford to campaign on a mainstream basis will survive. In the previous election, this came down to two people. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Most people I have talked to just disliked Clinton more than Trump, which I agree with. We never had a choice, our only choice was choosing the lesser of two evils.

Whether it was Clinton or Trump, the outcome would be the same. The real people in power are the owners of the banks in the Federal Reserve. They are the ones who decide to send Americans to war. They are the ones who make decisions about your everyday life that you are powerless to control. They are the people who stand the most to lose from the collapse of the dollar- Not Donald Trump. He’s just the face to blame – Like Obama, Bush, and the presidents that came before them.

I believe Trump does want what’s best for America more than anything else. It seems we are willing to sacrifice the rest of the world for our own benefit. But we as American citizens – we don’t share in the spoils of war that they do. We don’t get weapons contracts to make money afterwards, we don’t get cheap labor for our companies. We are cheap labor. How many people have to die for us to sustain this luxurious life we live in America? How many people are we willing to sacrifice and kill to uphold the value of our dollar? Clearly, a lot. Is this worth it?

No. Not for me at least.

I love my country and the opportunities I have. With that being said, I don’t want them at the expense of the rest of the world. If other people are going to suffer so I can strive, I would rather struggle. If you think half a million children’s lives were worth ANY amount of money or resources, than you are part of the problem. No child, no adult, no human being deserves to suffer for my luxury.

If you made it this far, I appreciate it. Is it all worth it to you? Do you blame the rest of the world for hating us? They see American citizens as blind little idiots that run around all day with their head in an IPhone. Well, most of us are. I’m not saying I’m better than anybody, because I’m not. Far from. What I’m saying is that as American citizens, it is our duty to educate ourselves and make a difference. Instead, as a majority, we have remained ignorant and distracted. I know for a fact most of you won’t give a shit about this post. Why? Because you will go back to your luxurious lifestyle after reading this, or closing it out a few sentences in. You will lay in your comfortable bed with your nice mattress, AC blowing, and TV entertaining you with all of your favorite shows and movies in high definition. When you’re thirsty, you’ll simply go to the faucet and flip a switch that gives you clean water. Most people don’t even have clean water, but yet, we still find a reason to bitch and moan when our IPhones freeze and we have to go through the tedious process of holding the power button to restart it.

I’m a Patriot, but I refuse to be one at the expense of humanity. I’m a consistent work in progress, and this post was to raise awareness. We can create revolution, but unfortunately, until the average American’s every day life is affected, they will not care about the issues at hand. We were raised in America, so we take all of this for granted. Imagine being a Syrian or a Palestinian kid, where bombs are raining down on you each and every day. A place where nobody gives a fuck whether you die or you live. No justice, no court system – just bodies disintegrated from an American made missile. Everyday in healthcare I come across patients’ that served in Vietnam and other places. Most of them are veterans from Vietnam that are struggling with countless medical issues due to war in itself and exposure to Agent Orange. They have cancer that is killing them slowly, and they are hardly taken care of – at least up to no standard that somebody should be treated that fought for our country. Halfway through the Vietnam War, it is said that 90% of the reason our troops remained was to avoid humiliation of pulling out. 10% was to unite the North and South under Democracy. Our soldiers fought, got cancer, and died in that war. Why? Not for freedom. Not to unite a separated country under one Democracy. To avoid humility. The people that send us to war are not willing to go to war themselves.

I have nothing against our soldiers, I have the utmost respect for every single one of them. Thank you for your service. My issue is with the people who make the decision to send you to war.

So if you ask me about Donald Trump, he’s irrelevant. He doesn’t make these decisions, he just takes the glory or the blame. He’s the middle man. I don’t know anything about him personally, I’ve never met him. Of course some things he has said are outright disgusting. But hey, imagine some of the things you said that would not be a true reflection of your character if they were recorded and aired to the public. The only difference is, you’re most likely not running for president. I’m not justifying his actions or words, I’m simply saying that you should make sure your finger is clean before you point it.

I don’t agree with most of Trump’s policies. The only thing I can tell you is he is extremely open about his beliefs, including hatred and ignorance. Don’t be blind enough to think that almost every other president didn’t share the same values – They just weren’t willing to tell you. Like I said, I do believe Trump wants the absolute best for America. So do I. Just not at other peoples’ expense.

In conclusion, my issue isn’t with Trump, or any other politician. My issue is with the people in the highest positions of power in the Federal Reserve that make these decisions about our lives. It doesn’t matter who the president is anymore – regardless of who you elect next, they will just be another face to take the blame. That is until we as American citizens take responsibility for being ignorant and letting mainstream media brainwash us instead of reading books about the history of the country we live in. Ultimately if we don’t change, America will fall just like every other great empire in history. If nobody educates themselves and raises awareness about these issues, we will inevitably collapse. It may not be today, tomorrow, next year, or in the next decade. But it will happen. The majority of my blog readers are around the same age as I am. I was born in 1993. Our children are going to have to grow up in this country, and so will their children. One day the rest of the world is going to have the power to treat us the way we treated them. They aren’t going to forget what we did. Is that the world you want your children to grow up in?

“We should live for Revolution, instead of always dying for it.”

Trump isn’t the problem. He’s just a distraction. Turn off the news and read.

Choose Wisely


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