The Colin Kaepernick Controversy

First off, no matter where you stand on this issue, I’d like to thank you for clicking this link. Whether you read it or not, you have already given me what I want.

I love my country and I love every opportunity I have. I am grateful for every soldier that fought for my rights, including my right to stand or kneel. The whole moral to this is that if you’re forced to stand, it doesn’t really feel like America anymore. For the record, I stand for our national anthem. That doesn’t mean I’m closed minded enough to understand why somebody else wouldn’t.

I see both sides of the coin quite clear. I know why you are upset that Colin Kaepernick took a knee during our national anthem. Everything we do can be perceived differently by other people. So on one side of this coin, you see a “minority” making millions of dollars in the NFL who is still ungrateful for the opportunities he has. I get it. But that’s your perspective.

I see somebody who took a knee because it was the only way to get your attention. He has your attention. Every single one of you that hate Kaepernick promote his agenda everyday by posting and talking about him. You’ve heard the saying that bad publicity is still good publicity. With that being said, you gave him the power that he now has. Every spiteful, hate mongering post is actually promoting his agenda. Keep it up!

“He pulled the American flag off of the Nike shoes!”

Oh no. Did it ever occur to you that it’s technically illegal to profit off of advertising the American flag via clothing? Oh my. He’s the biggest Patriot here. Yeah, I know he had a different reason for asking for the shoes to be pulled. With that being said, I believe it was a marketing strategy. A great one at that – Because once again, you’re all talking about him. As long as you’re talking about him, he’s in the spotlight. As long as he’s in the spotlight, you have given him power. Since pulling the shoes off of the market, Nike’s stock has went up. I’m also a firm believer that if the shoes profited Nike a lot of money, somebody would have sued them for advertising and profiting off of our American flag. Whatever the real reason the shoe was pulled, it’s controversial – and controversy sells.

So I understand if you hate Kaepernick. I get it. But perhaps you should look at the big picture, and understand that everytime you mention his name, you’re bringing light to it. Marshawn Lynch kneeled for years. You just never knew because nobody put the camera on him. The cameras decide who gets attention. They put one on him, so he took it and ran with it. We live in a world where most of our opinions are formulated by watching the news and other videos. You should know that somebody decides what you are and aren’t going to see.

I’m sure you’re a wonderful American citizen that has done everything they are programmed to do. When you hear that anthem, you get up and put your hand on your heart. Than your duty is done, right? You go back to making America great again by investing into every GMO fast food chain within a 25 mile radius. You don’t ever ask questions either, oh no. Don’t question our wonderful government, for they know what is right and you don’t. You shut up and remain ignornant like a good citizen. As long as you have your Mcdonald’s, Iphones, and guns. You don’t care about our veterans that are hardly taken care of. You don’t care about the wars we fight until your son or daughter comes home in a coffin draped with an American flag. You think racial injustice is a theory. It’s not, because every racist white person I’ve ever met has told me their real thoughts and feelings under the idea that it’s a safe haven because my skin is white too. I know the morals and values you hold deep inside yourself, don’t try to lie to me now.

There’s racist people of all colors. But just because I’ve experienced racism or have been called a cracker doesn’t mean I’m going categorize every black man into one box. Just because you wear a Hijab doesn’t mean you’re a “terrorist” who wishes death to America. Just because you take a knee, doesn’t mean that you hate America. It means you want change, and we all know that Kaepernicks QBR was not going to get your attention.

Perhaps one day we can have healthy discussions about other people’s perceptions without being emotionally tied. I posted a status on social media about Kaepernick. Basically I quoted what your average person would say to me about their beliefs regarding Colin. After ending the quotations, I made it clear that those things I heard, not things I believe. Most people jumped right to a conclusion that I was a racist. They didn’t even read the entire status, and if they did, it clearly went over their head. This is proof to me how easily the average person can be manipulated.

In conclusion, I’d like to thank you. I’d like to thank every single person that reads my blog, and also every single person that hates Kaepernick. Why? Because you clicked on this link, and now you have given me what I want. While you’re here, click on one of the advertisements so I can make money off of your hatred and invest the profit into the same organizations that you dislike so much. Thanks again!

Choose Wisely


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